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Blogging Success Takes Real Patience

If you have an unremarkable blog about mundane subjects like many people, you will need to exercise real patience before you succeed.  Generating substantial blog traffic takes persistent time and effort before it pays off.

If you’re blogging about a trendy, fast-moving subject this might not be the case.  You may be able to comment on popular subjects and rapidly become part of the conversation.  But for run of the mill subjects, that type of explosive activity is seldom seen.

If you’re commenting on ‘who won the VMAs‘ or something like that, you can expect to see a ‘pop’ of traffic.  But if you’re blogging about your business and its a ‘non-glamour niche’ you’ll end up hearing the birdies singing before a thunderous clap of traffic ever descends on you.

This is just the way things work.  Celebrities and politicians always get the most interest.

Popular culture trumps arcane subjects.  For bloggers who are pounding out content on normal subjects, it will take a combination of search engine and social media marketing to find readers.

This is a slow process due to the simple fact that people have so many other messages to deal with already.  A new blog post is about as exciting as watching grass grow for people who have received millions of status updates in their lives.

This is the price you have to pay to hope to achieve any blogging success.  You’ll have to put in the hard work, with no guarantees.  Just like building a business takes real patience, so does adding enough value to a blog to the degree that people start to find out about you and your products.

Making ‘high quality’ blog posts is one thing.  Doing it consistently is even more difficult.  For those who are able to amass a decent archive of content, the rewards can be significant.

Blogging and social media represent a chance for small business people to build their brands and to really communicate their message to potential clients.  If this takes a lot of effort and time, so be it.  Rumors are swirling that Google is not being as generous to webmasters with traffic as they once were.  In the past, it didn’t take too much effort to rank a blog post highly in Google.  Now the quality has to be much higher, according to online pundits.  That means you have to dig even deeper and add more value than ever before.  That will take time and dedication.

For the patient, blogging rewards will eventually arrive.  Do you have any blog traffic generating tips you’d like to share?

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