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3 Key Principles Of Blogging Success

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Everyone knows blogging is a great source of fresh traffic.  Not everyone actually knows how to generate traffic to a blog, though.  The ideas behind blog traffic generation are relatively simple, but are worth repeating.  If you implement the correct principles for blogging success, you can expect to drive targeted and valuable traffic to your business.  Let’s look at some good ideas for bloggers.

Social Media Success Formula

Social Media Success Formula

Incorporate ‘Social’ Into Your Blog’s DNA

There’s no point in belaboring the point.  You need to plaster share icons all over your blog. You need to ask people to share every post. You need to follow people and engage!  The list goes on an on and I’ll spare you the details. Perhaps most importantly, you can’t let social media marketing become an extra chore that you dread.  You need to really make it a part of the DNA of your blog. That means you have to live and breathe social media marketing and don’t just approach it casually from time to time.  You’ll have to bring in the big guns to accomplish that, including automation.

Don’t Give Up Over Bad Initial Results

Almost nobody can move traffic to a new blog.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You need plenty of posts and shares before anyone is even aware you’re blogging.  Even then, most people simply won’t care. You’ll have to practice the art of improving your headlines to get more people to click. In fact, the whole process of social media marketing involves a relatively steep learning curve.  If your initial results are poor, it’s because you’re learning!  After you learn more, you’ll improve rapidly.  Give yourself at least six months before you expect any major traffic from social media (or search engines for the matter).  Consistency is the most important factor at this point.

Don’t Blindly Follow A Strategy

In order to succeed, you have to 1) pick a strategy and 2) stick to it.  In the end, it probably really doesn’t matter what strategy it is, as long as you thoroughly understand it.  That’s the trouble sometimes with following plans laid down by others.  If you can understand the plan and adhere to it, fine.  But don’t blindly follow what others are doing, just because they might be successful.  Being original in your thinking is critical to gaining any type of exposure online, so strive to be as creative as possible.

And don’t forget to be as social as time allows.  Definitely follow up with everyone who talks to you and don’t take any of your ‘relationships’ for granted, no matter how ephemeral they may appear.  You never know which connection will end up being critical to your long-term business success.  Keep on swinging and eventually you’ll connect in a big way! Big hitters only get famous because they take a lot of cuts.  You can do the same in your own style.

Here’s to your success!