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Business Blogging Is Still A Logical Choice

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to business websites. In a recent study, it was estimated that 158 million American adults read blogs. Reading blogs is part of their purchasing decision when they decide to buy products or services from companies online. It stands to reason that companies with excellent blogs get more sales than those that don’t have them.   An excellent corporate blog is an asset for any business.

The big strength of blogs lies in the fact they’re used for updates. Companies that update information consistently attract new customers from search engines and satisfy their own clients by providing lots of information about their products, services, and their chosen industry.

Company blogs that aren’t updated on a regular basis fail in their mission. They won’t attract search engine traffic, or traffic from the popular social networks. Instead, they may wither on the vine. Millions of blogs have been abandoned online, and it’s no surprise why. Blogging is very hard work. To consistently update a blog with high-quality content takes persistent effort and lots of time. Editing your blog posts is time-consuming, and so is doing promotional work for your blog. There’s no getting around this investment of time.  That’s why companies have to appoint bloggers who stay committed to the cause.  Blogging is almost always a good idea for businesses who seek to grow.  Your post archive grows over the years, giving visitors from the web a starting point to learn more about your products and services.  It also helps the associate a ‘voice‘ and face with your brand, which might not happen otherwise.

Business Blogging Opens Lines Of Communications

Business Blogging Opens Lines Of Communications

Looking at a blog as a long-term strategic asset makes the most sense.  As your page count piles up, you’ll likely get more visitors from search engines who are interested in what you wrote. They’ll be motivated to find out more about you, which can only be a good thing for your business.  Over time, your blog traffic will begin converting into sales.  Internet traffic always seems to have a way of being converted, so don’t forget to use your blog to highlight your main product or service pages. Blogging can be thought of as being very similar to ‘canvassing‘ the internet for new prospects.  If you keep getting the word out there, your inbound marketing efforts are bound to improve.

Blogging Helps Build Authority

There’s no better way to build authority than by making authoritative posts that allows visitors to learn you ‘really know your stuff.’  You can dig in on current issues.  Or you might write articles that offer your viewpoint on how to solve common problems.  As you expound on these subjects, people become aware that you’re a great source of information.  They can also infer that you’re an ethical seller of high-quality services.  Your personality will shine through when you blog.  If you focus on adding value, you’ll impress your visitors.

  • Blogging shows people you’re still alive.  Not that anyone was wondering, but fresh blog posts indicate ‘someone is home‘ and they’re working on new projects.
  • Blogging allows you to highlight new products and services.  You can comment on new developments, which can help spark interest.
  • Your corporate blog can be used for social media marketing.  Blog posts can be shared through any social network, carrying your message further.
  • Business blogs help your company gain feedback.  People will gladly comment on important issues if you ask them to.
  • Business blogging keeps you up to speed against the competition.  Chances are high that your competitors are blogging.  You need to also.

Business blogging takes dedication and persistent effort. The rewards are high for any organization that can continue to blog for a length period of time while focusing on creating high-quality content that improves their inbound marketing efforts.

Do you run a business blog?  How is the experience going for you?

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