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How To Quickly Build Your Web Presence

In the ‘old days’ webmasters were a necessity for people wanting to put their business online. HTML was a strange and complex language that only a few experts understood. Small business owners were forced to pay through the nose in order to have one of these gurus create their website. These days, no such need exists! Small business owners who purchase a website that uses Parallels Web Presence Builder are able to easily create their own websites, without the help of a designer.

A modern website doesn’t just contain static HTML either. Now you might want to add a blog, or social tools, and that’s never been easier. You can literally point and drag a new feature to website with one click. These means you extend the functionality of your website fast. Time is money, so saving a bunch of it makes your business that much more profitable. Every time you can take care of installing a new program, making changes on your website, or adding features, and you don’t have to get someone else involved, your life just got that much easier.

Parallels Web Presence Builder has quite a few advantages:

  • Your choice of numerous royalty-free templates. There are a number of pre-designed templates to choose from, plus they’re all customizable, giving you a wide array of design options.
  • Adding functionality is a matter of dragging and dropping. There are no complex steps to add social sharing tools, video, or Javascript. All it takes is drag and drop. Talk about easy!
  • Your code is optimized and SEO-friendly. Fast-loading websites with SEO-optimized code tend to rank highly in search engines. Your SEO is built in and your site always loads super-fast.
  • You can publish your website to Facebook. Another reason the Web Presence Builder will save you money is because you don’t have to hire a designed to publish your page to Facebook. You can do it yourself with one click!

The year 2012 is almost here, so your website shouldn’t look like its stuck in 2005. Upgrading to a new design has never been easier. At MostHost, we’ve coupled the benefits of high-availability business class windows cloud hosting with the advantages of Parallels Web Presence Builder. This combination helps small business people build a fully-functional, well-designed, and socially-connected web presence in no time.

Try building a web presence yourself.

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