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Should I Upgrade My Website With A Web Presence Builder?

Let’s face it, 2012 is just around the corner and if you’ve been considering upgrading your website here’s a checklist of things that indicate your site is likely outdated and would greatly benefit from a state of the art Web Presence Builder facelift:

Smart Business People Rely On Web Presence Builder

Smart Business People Rely On Web Presence Builder

  • Your Copyright is a few years behind- If no one - including you - has taken a minute to update your Copyright to the current year since 2007, it’s the perfect time to consider a better website. Although this might seem counter-intuitive, breathing new life into a better website is easier than trying to work with one that no one has bothered with for years. Especially if it looks like it’s stuck in time.
  • You’re running a guestbook - Although guestbooks are nice keepsakes for baby showers, weddings and other special occasions, website guestbooks have been left to spammers that are overjoyed to tell you how amazed they are by your ‘nice’ website. Don’t be fooled by their kind words, it’s just a ruse and it makes your site just look silly.
  • It takes forever to load - People are impatient and don’t want to wait forever for your pages to load. Search engines feel the same way - Google has indicated that page speed is a determining factor in search rankings so this could actually be hurting you more than you know. Slow response times are caused by many factors including running on old, failing or outdated hardware, website coding errors, pulling information from third party ad servers and other variants. Upgrading to a newer, faster website puts you back in the driver’s seat.
  • It was designed using FrontPage - Although FrontPage was popular in 2001, the same can’t be said of it 10 years later. If your website still uses FrontPage, you need to upgrade ASAP!
  • Your site doesn’t format correctly across browsers and displays - People use all sorts of ways to access the internet, from smaller devices such as iPhones and iPads all the way up to 72 inch monitors. It’s important that your website formats correctly, no matter how big or small the viewing device is. Mobilized versions of websites are growing in popularity as Smartphones are becoming more widely adopted.
  • Digg! is the only social media integration you offer - So what if your visitors can’t share your website at Facebook or Twitter. Digg is still pretty popular, right? Quite the contrary! People have come to expect Social Media integration as part of their overall internet experience. Offering visitors the social media sharing tools for places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and others makes it easier for them to share your website with their friends, family and colleagues. It also helps with just being cool, overall.
  • You’re tired or bored with it - If you don’t like your site, it’s hard to think anyone else will. Make your website fun again with a modern design that you’re proud to say is yours!

If your website is guilty of one - or all - of the above, now is the time to make the change to a fully customizable, functional, properly coded and fast site to move into the future. Couple this new website with cutting edge cloud hosting technology and you’re sure to move from behind the times to first in class.

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