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Web security services are on the rise globally as the threat of malware, hackers, and viruses hit an all-time high. For organizations that are serious about keeping their networks safe from attacks, web security services offer an extremely effective way to mitigate risk and increase security. Cloud-based web security offers a low-latency and effective means to protect your network from the many threats that comprise the online world.

Like security tactics, web threats continue to evolve and have become increasingly advanced in the last few years. Criminal organizations dominate the landscape as hackers and malicious Internet have designed custom tools to target websites and networks, eschewing more well-known tools and tactics. Organizations are now in an arms-race with a powerful enemy who’s relentless attacks are costing business an estimated $114 billion every year! 69% of people interviewed this February reported having been a victim of cyber-crime, so the need for web security has never been greater.

The benefit to web security services is that they close common network vulnerabilities. Further, web security can help system administrators establish sane real-world policies that will allow them to fine tune their network security and help them close any existing vulnerabilities. A key benefit of web security initiated in this manner is that by protecting the most vulnerable aspects of the organization’s system, the administrator greatly reduces the amount of damage hackers can ultimately inflict on your network.

The good news for everyone is that the ‘good guys‘ have also been as busy as the web malcontents. New web security services have advanced rapidly in how they deal with threats and how much they can reduce the risk posed to your network. Organizations no longer need to feel threatened by malware, whether it comes from email or Facebook. Web security helps you set policies that allow your employees to do the work they need, while allowing you to greatly reduce their access to dangerous items online.

Content filtering is so powerful, largely because it helps the administrator use fine-tuning to find the perfect balance between the needs of staff and the dangers of the web. Content can be filtered by keyword, category, URL, or other methods to ensure that no danger befalls your network.

Combining web security with mobile security is a great way to eliminate many common threats associated by having a mobile work force.

Despite the sophistication of recent attacks, your web security plan can handle the challenge, especially if you’ve taken the time to customize the rules. Please learn more about our advanced cloud-based web security service.

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