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Why Choose Linux For Hosting - 5 Great Reasons

Over the years, Linux has really ingratiated itself into the hearts of website owners.  It’s not surprising.  Linux is a robust open source platform that has allowed people to create some of the most feature-rich applications in human history.  Even more importantly, Linux hosting tends to be fast and stable, which are two great superlatives every webmaster learns to love.

Linux hosting has become a favorite because it works.  Linux hosting, in particular CentOS, has grown very stable as the years have progressed.  Coupling numerous add-ons with a low total cost of ownership, it appears that Linux hosting could remain a favorite indefinitely.  The community of developers who contribute to popular hosting distributions like CentOS is so large, that it appears unlikely development will slow down anytime soon.  In essence, this diverse community which is constantly evolving Linux hosting to higher standards is one of the most valuable contributions that Linux has introduced to website hosting.

Advantages of Linux Hosting

  1. Linux hosting does not have expensive licensing fees.  Generally considered to be ‘free,’ Linux hosting does not require a monthly payment of licensing fees.  This can make the total cost of ownership lower than most alternatives.
  2. Linux web hosting apps like Apache have huge community groups.  All of the major components used for Linux hosting are supported by huge development communities. Despite being free, community versions of Apache and MySQL support the needs of many global web hosts.  These communities will always rival large commercial apps in their quest to increase features and functionality.
  3. Linux hosting can be very fast.  Tweaking linux web servers can produce blistering results.  Properly optimized load times can be seen on many of the web’s most famous properties, which are powered by Linux.  Of course the opposite holds true and is not exclusive to Linux.  Still, there are certain Linux web hosting configurations that are nearly unparalleled in performance by rivals.
  4. Linux hosting gives one access to the command prompt.  For people who really love getting under the hood, full root access can be rewarding.  For others, it can be a daunting task.
  5. Linux hosting control panels are very robust.  Modern Linux hosting offers users a choice of several control panels that make life easier.  These CPs have been developed over many years and are at the point where they’re quite easy to use for just about anyone.

Linux hosting isn’t going anywhere as it has moved to the Cloud, where the advantages are even more noticeable. Now Linux Virtual Machines are literally bulletproof, offering high availability and automatic failover to the mix.  Linux hosting remains a strong choice for anyone considering the cloud.

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  1. Sahil Kotak says:

    Linux surely is best. And also they are more secure then the Windows Servers. I always prefer Linux when it comes of hosting.

  2. Glad to hear you’re happy with Linux hosting, Sahil.

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