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Mobile Workforce Poses Security Risk For Business

As businesses become more efficient and increase productivity in their workforce, more and more employees are called upon to perform job tasks from their mobile phone or laptop computers.

Although a mobilized work force represents an opportunity to maximize resources, it also poses a security risk that could cost your business untold amounts of dollars in fines in the event that any devices used to carry out company business are ever lost or stolen. For example, if you’re a small business or organization with 10 employees that are all equipped with a company issued Smartphone and laptop computer, you have 20 devices that could cause a serious data breach security risk if they fell into the wrong hands.

Mundane communications, like instant messaging, downloading and responding to business Email and working on documents is actually considered to be confidential information. In order to maintain a positive business reputation and avoid penalties and fines, you have to assure that your company owned devices are never lost or stolen - or locked down to prevent access to your private data.

In recent news, phone hacking allegations in Rupert Murdoch’s news organization have caused upheaval in news reporting and journalism, and increased demand for mobile security products to protect against intrusions into mobile networks. Phone hacking and other recent data breaches have raised the eyebrows of several key Government officials that are calling for increased privacy regulations in numerous industries.

Mobile devices are a convenient way to do business when employees are away from their desks, but employers need to understand the risks of using unsecured devices for conducting sensitive business communications. If you’d like to learn how you can protect your business network devices, we can help. Please contact us for a mobile solution that you can depend on.

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