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Prevent Email Leaks Using Email Encryption

Email leaks are something that every company should be concerned with.

Whether it’s the open discussion of product development, quarterly reports or sensitive data associated with patient care, allowing this information to become public by way of Email forwarding - or mistakenly sending information to the wrong person -  can damage your business reputation or lead to the unwanted distribution of confidential data.

Prevent Email Leaks Using Encryption

Prevent Email Leaks Using Encryption

Business people that want to retain control of all information packets being sent from their organization use Email encryption to assure that this doesn’t happen to them.

Email Encryption Gives You The Tools You Need To Control When And How Your Messages Are Being Accessed

Email encryption is an affordable way to assure that IT managers and system administrators have the ability to view what packets are leaving their organization - and control it once these Email messages have been delivered by way of access settings.

Think of it this way. Email encryption access tools are similar to being able to put words back in your mouth, but instead of wishing that you hadn’t said something that you shouldn’t have, you’re able to simply retract access rights to the message so it can’t be read, even after the message was delivered. It also prevents Email recipients from forwarding your confidential messages to others that haven’t been authorized to view them.

It’s also helpful in keeping embargoed news ‘under wraps’ until your desired release date and time. This protects your data from being accessed and published earlier than your desired time and date so distribution happens on your terms.

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