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Website Design For Catering Businesses Just Got Easier!

If you have a catering business - or you’re thinking about starting one - having a professional looking website is one of the best ways to attract new clients to your services.

Website Builder For Caterers

Website Builder For Caterers

Here are a few reasons why a professional website can help your catering business:

  • Online Web Presence - If people can’t find you  online, this is precluding people from contacting you via the Internet. As you might be aware, this is a very powerful media that can help you increase your clientele  base and generate more interest in your catered services.
  • Supports Offline Advertising - If you are running print advertising in your local newspapers, magazines or distributing business cards, providing a website URL in these offline advertising efforts allows people to connect with you online and learn more about the services you provide. Basically, a website supports your offline ad spend by making you more accessible to your target audience.
  • Get Shared On Social Media - It’s no secret that almost everyone uses a Social Networking website to share news, pictures and other things they find interesting. Website design software that comes complete with Social Sharing tools makes it easier for  friends, family and clients to share your web pages with people in their personal network. This kind of word of mouth can greatly increase the number of requests that you have to cater events, parties and other special events.
  • Image Gallery - By providing an Image gallery at your site to potential clients, they can see firsthand what your finished products look like - even if they’ve never hired you before. Whether it’s to showcase your phenomenal wedding cakes, fabulous main dishes, gourmet side dishes or to highlight your decorating skills and your employees that work hard at all of your scheduled events, a picture is worth a million words! If people have an idea of what to expect when you cater their party, they’ll be more likely to choose you over another catering service.
  • Contact Form - A contact form at your website allows people to easily get in touch with you to ask specific questions about your services, such as what venues you provide your services to, your availability for specific dates, your pricing structure, what foods you offer and other inquiries. A contact form allows you to offer this convenience to potential clients.

No matter whether you’ve been working in catering for 20 years or you’re launching a new business endeavor, don’t overlook the importance of a great looking website to help grow and expand your business further than ever before.

If you need a great website designer that gives you all the tools you need to create a great catering business website, please visit Web Presence Builder and try a free demo of our newly upgraded website building solution! You’ll be happy that you did.

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