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Parallels Plesk 11 Launches And We Have It

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 has officially launched.  The newest version of the popular control panel contains a number of new features and bug fixes that are bound to please everyone. At MostHost, we’ve already updated to the new version and can report it’s the best version of Plesk yet.

With this version of Plesk, Parallels has clearly gone after competitor cPanel.  They have introduced a number of features that are not available in cPanel.  Check out this PDF for more information. Plesk is a fast-loading optimized control panel that simplifies user management of hosting plans.  This new version of Plesk also includes the newest version of Web Presence Builder, the outstanding tool that helps people create awesome websites in a heartbeat.  Plesk is geared towards ease of use so literally anyone can build and manage their own website.

Plesk 11 Screenshot

Plesk 11 Screenshot showing one of the views available

Currently Parallels Plesk Panel is the preferred choice for hosting service providers, web designers, and website owners with more than 250,000 Windows and Linux servers deployed. Plesk offers a unified management interface for Linux or Windows, greatly simplifying common maintenance and management tasks.  For MostHost, Plesk is the perfect choice because we cater to B2B clients, many of whom want to do their own website design. Plesk saves them money and time and helps them improve their online presence quickly.  Some of our clients have NEVER done any website design before and have been able to complete outstanding, fully-functional websites.  This ‘leveling of the playing field‘ represents a chance for anyone with an earnest desire to build their own website to be able to do just that.

Plesk Panel helps you get the most out of your hosting experience.  Using this control panel you can easily manage your email, install applications, design your own website, and handle your account management.  Actions that used to be complicated can now be accomplished easily from the intuitive GUI.  There’s no need banging your head against the wall because you WILL be able to build and maintain your own website without trouble.

If you haven’t tried Plesk or Web Presence Builder yet, head over to our demo website at WebPresenceBuilder.net and click on “Try Demo.” You can quickly discover the simplicity of Plesk and Web Presence Builder and see if you like it.  For business owners who need to build and maintain their own website (even their first website), this option is excellent.  We’ll be making more posts in coming days that cover more of the features and outline what you can do with Plesk Panel 11.  We hope you’ll visit again.  Thanks for stopping by.

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