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The Joy Of Building Your Own Website

We have a client, let’s call her “S”.  S came to us because she had a horribly outdated website that had been designed by a former employee who was long gone.  For years she hesitated about putting up a replacement website because the first one had been such a hassle.  Occasionally her clients would make cutting remarks about her site’s design, and S would laugh it off, promising herself that she would update it ‘some day.’ For S, her website had become a sore point.  Since she had one up she wasn’t completely motivated to make a new one, but overall she was very unhappy with the website’s design.

Building Websites Is Fun

Building Websites Is Fun

After learning about Web Presence Builder from a YouTube video, S decided to give it a try. Recently, she told us how glad she was that she did.  She was able to build a modern website that kept her in touch with clients, and helped to keep them up to date with changes her company was making.  Finally, her website was something useful, and not just a source of embarrassment.  The best part S told us, was that she was able to do the whole thing herself, without having to rely on anyone else.  S is an independent woman who believes in the old adage that ‘if you want something done right, you do it yourself.’

As the story of S illustrates, building a website can bring you great joy, even if you’ve never done it before.  Selecting the right tool for the job makes life easier for everyone.  Web Presence Builder is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to build their own business website because it’s so easy to use yet contains all the features anyone could ever need to build an awesome web presence.  Using Web Presence Builder allows business owners to create their own websites, without the need to rely on third parties or uninterested employees.  As S learned, there’s a lot of freedom in being able to ‘do it yourself.’  Not only can you make a website on your own terms, you can build it exactly the way you want it.

Web Presence Builder has over 100 templates to choose from, all which can be completely customized for your benefit.  Every aspect of your website is configurable, including colors, fonts, images, and much more.  You can quickly add features to your website by ‘dragging and dropping‘ them in from the modules system.  Gone are the days when you used to have transfer files to the web server in order for your features to work.  Now you drag them in, hit publish, and begin using them!  Modern technology really is great and Web Presence Builder is no exception.  If you haven’t tried the demo for Web Presence Builder, check it out at WebPresenceBuilder.net.  Click on ‘Try Demo’ located in the lower left corner.  You may also be interested in watching the video below, which gives a detailed overview of how to use the software.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-877-270-7753.  We’re here to help.


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  1. Nolan says:

    By having your own site, you get more control over the visitors that come to your site. It also means that you are not subject to changes that Facebook makes to their site.