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Non-Profit Hospitals And Healthcare Organizations Aren’t Exempt From HIPAA Regulations

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If you are a non-profit hospital or healthcare provider, don’t be misguided in thinking that your Organization is exempt from regulations set forth in the HIPAA Act of 1996.

A key component of HIPAA compliance is using encryption to secure Email, large files and removable media that’s used to store or share patient information with clients, partners, colleagues and business associates. By encrypting this type of data you  assure that this information can’t be accessed by anyone other than the person that it’s meant for and helps you avoid security and privacy breaches.

Non-Profit Healthcare Systems Aren't HIPAA Exempt

Non-Profit Healthcare Systems Aren’t HIPAA Exempt

Other ways that encryption helps protect your non-profit healthcare organization from HIPAA violations:

Data Management Tools:

  • Centrally administered user policies for ease of use.
  • Immediately revoke access to data and files even if they’ve already been sent.
  • Policy controls can enforce encryption based on recipient and type of information being sent or shared.
  • Policies can be configured based on several factors including data type; content and location; recipients and by size of data and/or media type.
  • Integrates with existing workow and processes making it seamless for  personnel to use.
  • Gives administrators the ability to  control who can access information that’s been sent from their Organization.
  • View a full audit of who, where and when secured information has been accessed.

Having all of these safeguards in place are essential to protecting not only the privacy and security of your patients, but also your business reputation and your financial assets. Fines relating to HIPAA non-compliance can cost healthcare providers $100,000 or more in some cases.

If you need to deploy encryption services to protect sensitive data in your non-profit healthcare system, we can help. Please click on the button below to request more information on our SaaS based encryption solution today!

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