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Make Your Car Wash Business More Profitable With A Great Web Presence

By in Web Presence Builder

It’s springtime and you know what that means -  people are motivated to wash the road salt and muck off of their cars and drive around with their windows down after a long, cold winter.

Car Washes Need Websites Too!

If you own a car wash or auto detailing business it’s the perfect time to upgrade your existing website or establish your first online web presence to support your business. By offering your existing clients and potential clients a website that has social sharing capabilities and a Facebook Fan Page you’re empowered to connect directly with the people that appreciate your services the most. Further, your friends and fans can help spread the word about your business in their social circles, too.

No matter whether you operate a self-service coin operated car wash, an automatic car wash or hand car washes and detailing services, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of online and social marketing as a direct way to make your business more profitable and Web Presence Builder can help you do that - even if you’ve never built a website before.

If you don’t have a website that clearly defines the services you offer, you shouldn’t be too surprised when people decide to patronize a competitor that has a website with helpful information, special offers or coupon codes that customers can use to save money and have a great looking clean car.

Web Presence Builder gives you a competitive advantage because it’s easy to use and you can build your website yourself, saving you thousands of dollars on expensive web designers and web development costs. An intuitive WYSIWYG editor allows you to drag and drop modules such as an image gallery, a contact form, web pages, social sharing buttons, an online shop and the ability to embed videos and sitewide text and images, if you so desire.

If you’re ready to boost your car wash business, there’s no doubt that making a move to create a strong online web presence will help your marketing efforts, especially if you’re paying for print advertising or a yellow pages listing. By offering a website URL in your offline ads people can visit your site from their personal computer, tablet or mobile device and make the informed decision to get their car washed at your place of business instead of the ‘next guys.’

If you’d like to discuss our Web Presence Builder solution for car washes, please feel free to start a LiveChat or give us a call at 1-877-270-7753 and we’ll be happy to assist!