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Easy Professional Website Builder Online Helps Businesses Grow

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Everyone knows they need a web presence, but not everyone has one. In fact, 20% of businesses in the United States don’t have a website at all.  Certainly many of these businesses would benefit enormously from having a web presence, but their managers remain afraid to take the plunge.

That’s why using an easy professional website builder online is the perfect solution for any business that is planning on putting its own website up.  The process is easier than one might imagine.  Anyone with even limited technical skills can build a great website quickly.  Being able to quickly build, maintain, and expand your web presence helps give you the competitive advantage you need to compete in today’s marketplace.  If your competitors have websites and you don’t, your web-savvy potential clients might choose to go with them.  It would probably seem strange to an active web users to not be able to find a website for your business.  Not only that, but there will be review pages from third parties that DO rank for your business name.  You should have a website to offer additional information.  It’s a best practice that should always be followed.

Build Websites The Easy Way

At MostHost we offer Web Presence Builder because it is simple to use and powerful.  You don’t sacrifice features for ease of use.  Instead, you can easily build a website and then add as many features as you want. You never have to worry about upgrades because they’re done for you. You never have to download software or worry about bug fixes.  Everything is done automatically on a schedule.  Cloud-based website builders are growing in popularity because you don’t have to maintain software on your system and you’ll never fall behind with versions.

These days, it’s solid advice that people should have their own website and then should list that website in as many places as possible.  Social media is very popular, so having active social media profiles that funnel traffic back to your main website is a really good idea.  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all perfect destinations to place some content that leads back to your main site.  This way, clients who are searching for you on their favorite destination are likely to find your main corporate page and contact information.  Web Presence Builder has built-in tools to enable social sharing, Google Webmaster Central and Google Analytics integration, and includes the ability for you to publish a copy of your website to Facebook.  Being able to put your business in as many places as possible is one sure way to make sure you aren’t losing any customers online. Even more likely is that you’ll be able to easily acquire new clients from the wider web.

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