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How Web Content Filtering Can Benefit Your Company Or Organization

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Let’s face it, running a business or organization is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Sales ledgers have been replaced by powerful software programs, LAN lines have been replaced with VOIP services and social networking destinations have made their way into almost every business office.

Protect Your Workplace From Internet Threats

While social networking is a great way to build a strong following and give you the tools to connect with new and potential clients, it can result in lowered productivity and even put your computer network at risk if any of your employees or personnel make the mistake of clicking on an infected link that can find security holes in your system.

If you’re worried about these Internet based threats, web content filtering is the solution to eradicating these issues seamlessly. Here are the ways that web content filtering can benefit your bottom line:

  • The ability to set internet access permissions for all levels of employees. Web content filtering gives your IT department the tools to set very specific access rules for all levels of employees - whether they work for the customer support team or they have a management position. This keeps your business running smoothly by using software to enforce access rules that you’ve set so people don’t spend company time taking care of personal business on the internet.
  • Software scans for malware and bad links prior to allowing access. Not all websites or links provided at Facebook are legitimate and crafty spammers are always looking for a cheap click to cause a computer virus or to detect weaknesses in your computer system. Websites or links that are analyzed to contain malware, trojans or other malicious threats will be made inaccessible to your employees, so they aren’t able to inadvertently access these types of sites by mistake.
  • Reduces legal liability. By enforcing web access rules, you eliminate the risk of legal liabilities that could be caused by employees that are involved in illegal downloads or sharing inappropriate content that could be foundation for harassment lawsuits.
  • Reporting tools. Reporting and logging tools allow IT managers and compliance officers to monitor and control employee internet usage and assure that Acceptable Use Policies and compliance rules are being followed.

Web content filtering is an affordable solution for businesses that have numerous employees accessing the internet during the work day. This flexible software solution can be customized seamlessly to cover all operating divisions in your company and different rules can be assigned based on that employees access needs for their job position and can be customized to work any way that you need it to. URL scanning protects your computer network against malicious Internet threats and stops employees from clicking on links that could unleash malware, viruses and trojans - which cause computer downtime and could result in costly computer repairs or virus removal.

If you’re not running web content filtering to help secure your computer network, we can help! Request More Information On Web Content Filtering