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Hosting Europe For The Win!

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If you’ve been looking for a Europe based webhost for your business, you can end your search here!

No matter whether you need to deploy a fully functional Hosted365 collaboration software solution, Hosted Exchange, an Epages E-Commerce solution or Hyper-V VPS hosting,  - we have everything you need to get your website up and running on reliable servers based in Luxembourg. Other hosting Europe services include online backup, domain registration, mail and OX Groupware and virtual private servers.

Advantages of hosting your web services in Luxembourg include the utilization of two Tier 4 data centers for reliability, redundancy and security purposes and fewer internet ‘hops’ between your business and close proximity to commerce centers in Belgium, France, Germany and the rest of Europe. This means that when anyone from these regions visits your website, they’ll enjoy a faster website experience which helps with conversion rates and other online factors.

The truth is, hosting your website in Europe is easy to do if you use the right web host for your business needs. And now you can even save on your  Europe hosting subscription. Just enter the coupon code LUX10OFF to get 10% off your Order on any services offered at . This discount will be honored for the lifetime of your subscription so you can save and succeed at the same time!