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Benefits Of Hosting On A Luxembourg Tier 4 Data Center

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We all know how critical keeping a business website online can be.

As more and more people rely on the internet to complete a myriad of tasks including doing online shopping, interacting socially with friends, relatives and colleagues, watching videos for fun  or attending webinars for educational reasons, business and website owners are under pressure to assure that their website is always there - and is always fast.

Luxembourg Palace

This is where a Luxembourg Tier 4 data center delivers and meets the requirements of the most critical website needs.

Benefits Of Hosting On A Luxembourg Tier 4 Data Center

  • The Electric Stays On. In the event of a power outage or a natural disaster,  a dual power supply chain and redundant transformers keep your servers online.
  • Diesel generators provide automatic fail over, in the event that they’re needed.
  • Servers are kept in a climate controlled environment for maximum performance. Temperature, humidity levels and air exchange are kept at a level range at all times.
  • Fire security including fluid, gas and smoke alarms detect threats within the data center. In the event of an emergency, there is a direct alarm line to the Luxembourg City’s fire brigade.
  • Fire resistant doors and walls help isolate damage, in the event of a fire emergency.
  • Physical security protocols, including a strict visitor’s policy that permits accredited visitors escorted tours only.
  • Building and IT access is only allowed to personnel by way of a security badge.
  • Closed Circuit TV and surveillance monitors activity within and outside of the building.
  • Motion detectors and manned patrols protect against unauthorized access.
  • Cat 7 cabling and and secured WLAN 802.11 provide maximum connectivity.
  • 99.995% availability and uptime.
  • ISO 27001 Certification. This international “Information Security Management” standard comprehensively defines the requirements for establishing, implementing and documenting an effective information Security Management System. This certification, encompassing both the physical and logical aspects of security, requires the implementation of adequate controls addressing confidentiality, integrity and availability of information for clients, employees and partners.
  • Member of the Green Grid that  fully complies with the environmental requirements in Europe.
In a nutshell, Tier 4 data centers are designed for mission critical needs and feature a fail safe design infrastructure. Security protocols within the data center itself assure that your data is secure and not being accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Other benefits of choosing a Tier 4 data center in Luxembourg include a stable Government and dual data centers to assure that your mission critical website is always there for you, your clients and your website visitors. This is the perfect solution for anyone that operates a website dealing with financial transactions or is in charge of sensitive health record databases, and offers more flexibility than hosting your website on lower tiered computer networks.

If you’d like to establish, or move your website to a Luxembourg Tier 4 data center, we can help. Please visit for more information on our service offerings.

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