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Holy Cow! $915,676.28 USD Is Being Sent To Your Ebay Funds From Paypal!

By in Email, Internet Security

Sure - an unexpected windfall of over $915 thousand dollars sounds totally fantastic, but better reasoning tells you that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

That is the case with this Email message that purports that $915,676.28 USD is available ‘for use.’ Be on the lookout for a subject line that reads “We have sent you your Ebay funds from Paypal.”

The full text of the bogus message says:

Don’t Fall For This Bogus Email

Transaction ID 412475148662 Transaction Time : 7/23/2012 07:00 PDT
Your funds are now available

Dear **Email address removed**

The funds from this eBay payment are now available for use. Check your Transaction Details for more information.

Buyer Stuart Patel
Buyer email [email protected]
Payment total 915,676.28 USD

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This email was sent by an automated system, so if you reply, nobody will see it. To get in touch with us, log in to your account and click Contact Us at the bottom of any page.

Copyright 2012 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.

This message contains 4 shifty links that have nothing to do with Paypal or Ebay, so if you’re one of the millions of people that likely got this message, be sure to delete it from your inbox immediately and definitely avoid clicking on these bogus links. Making the mistake of doing so could put your computer at risk of viruses, trojans or other malware that can penetrate your computer system and put your sensitive information at risk.

I hope that if you found this post helpful. If so, I kindly ask that you share it with friends and family so that they can avoid falling for the large payment ploy being carried out in this message.

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