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How Web Content Filtering Would Give Los Angeles The Power To Throttle Employees From Watching The Olympics

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It comes as no surprise that nearly everyone wants to watch the Olympic games and the city of Los Angeles is learning the hard way that this includes a lot of their paid employees.

A recent news article highlighted how the top technology officer of  LA has asked employees not to watch the games because the upsurge in bandwidth requests for streaming video have nearly crippled their computer network, slowing access down to a ‘snails pace.’

Bandwidth Request Control Made Easy

Bandwidth Request Control Made Easy

While City Councilman David Zine has questioned what supervisors were doing to prevent online viewing of the Olympic games, he might be better off questioning why the city of Los Angeles isn’t using web content filtering services to control what, when and how their city employees are able to access the Internet.

A SaaS based solution makes it easy for IT managers to remotely put safeguards into place that limit - or prohibit - the ability of workers to access streaming video sites, social networking websites and other non-related work sites so they don’t have to beg and plead with them to obey Acceptable Use Policies.

This gives City Managers and IT managers everything they need to control bandwidth requests being made from their computer network so employees can stay on track during the scheduled work day and give regular citizens fast access to their city websites.

Further, reporting tools also allow IT managers to monitor exactly what website requests are being made by all of their personnel and gives them the control to whitelist or blacklist sites and change access levels in ‘real time.’ URL content filtering also helps address legal concerns by eliminating access to illegal, copy-righted and inappropriate content that could  potentially result in criminal or harassment lawsuits. Another direct benefit is that Web Content filtering also helps protect physical computer networks by scanning and blocking sites that are found to contain spyware, phishing and other malicious applications - again, in ‘real time.’

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