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The Joy Of Managed Web Hosting

By in Hosting

The other day I happened to notice a post on Facebook where someone was asking for help setting permissions for a WordPress installation that went wrong.  I couldn’t help thinking, ‘this is a job for his web hosting company.’  So many people choose unmanaged web hosting services, despite the fact they may have no real idea of how to manage their...

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The Joy Of Building Your Own Website

By in Web Presence Builder

We have a client, let’s call her “S”.  S came to us because she had a horribly outdated website that had been designed by a former employee who was long gone.  For years she hesitated about putting up a replacement website because the first one had been such a hassle.  Occasionally her clients would make cutting remarks about her site’s...

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Plesk Is A Great Linux Web Hosting Control Panel

By in Parallels

Linux is an outstanding server operating system, but without a control panel it can become a challenge to manage.  With a control panel, users can experience all the joys of Linux web hosting with a greatly simplified management console.  Parallels Plesk, which has been leading the hosting world for years, is a perfect control panel for Linux and Windows.  Using...

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