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What Is A Virtual Phone System?

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Lately more people are wondering, just what is a cloud-based phone system?  Let’s start with the basics. Cloud-based phone systems, also known as virtual phone or hosted PBX, offer users a number of advantages over traditional PBX alternatives.  In the old days, people would purchase equipment that would be placed at their premises to handle call routing.  This equipment was expensive and very complex to operate.  Most companies who employed their own PBX system also had to hire a maintenance company just to keep things running smoothly. Now all of this same administrative work can accomplished by the administrator using a control panel.  You set rules for routing and the cloud-based PBX system does the rest.  If you ever need to update a setting, you can log in and do so easily.

Your Mobile Workforce Has Never Been So Connected

A virtual phone system setup is perfect for companies with a mobile workforce.  Many mobile workers are using their cell phones to handle work-related calls.  Your hosted PBX system can dial the cell phone directly, simply by the customer dialing a virtual extension.  At MostHost, our solution allows you to set up a ‘group’ of multiple users.  Once you’ve set this group up, you can choose whether phone calls are handled sequentially or simultaneously. This configuration is perfect for companies that have multiple agents that can handle an incoming call.  If all of the extensions don’t answer, you can set additional options.  For instance, you can let the call roll to a voice mail based on extension, or you can forward the call to another number.  The flexibility and the power are enough to help any organization vastly improve communications with clients.

A Cloud Receptionist Can Help Your Business Grow

Improved communications with clients lead to higher revenues.  If you’re missing calls, your potential customer will simply move on to greener pastures. With a cloud-based phone system, this unfortunate system can be eliminated forever.  Not only that, but this system will also give you many of the bells and whistles you might associate with higher-priced alternatives.  This includes “music on hold” and vanity phone numbers.

If you do business in more than one geographic area, you can add local extensions for only $2.50 month!  This means clients in that area will be able to dial a local phone number and get in touch with you.  This helps build their confidence about doing business with you, which results in higher revenues.  The point is, the power is in your hands. You get to add more numbers if you need them and you’re in control of your phone service.  If you need to leave the office for a bit, you can set your extension to DND (do not disturb) and whatever rules you set will automatically be enforced.  This is great because it means your mobile workforce can update their own statuses, without you getting involved.

You can also configure your cloud phone system to perform different functions based on your schedule.  A different menu can be programmed for After Hours and Business Hours.  You merely program in your normal hours, set the extension options for the menu, and the system does the rest.

If you haven’t learned about a hosted PBX system yet, click here to learn all the features. You might be surprised at how much a system like this can help your business.