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Virtual Phone Service For Small Business

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If you’re looking for efficient ways to streamline your business, offering a virtual phone service to inbound callers is something that you should consider.

A virtual phone service gives you everything you need to route phone calls to anyone within your organization. This greatly simplifies management and ensures that all incoming calls are being answered correctly every time someone places a call.  For many organizations, this can help you increase sales and client retention.  Missed phone calls or calls that aren’t efficiently routed end up costing you money.  If you can dish incoming calls off to the most qualified person every time, your business will grow because of increased efficiency.

Infra Cloud Receptionist Is The Virtual Phone Service That’s Perfect For Small Business

At MostHost, we offer the Infra Cloud Receptionist virual phone system because it’s easy to use and powerful enough to propel any business forward.  With advanced features like music-on-hold and conference calling, you get a lot of bang for the buck. All your incoming calls can be handled efficiently every time.  If you choose, you can setup calling groups which can be dialed sequentially or simultaneously.  Either way can really benefit your organization, especially during peak business hours.  You can also designate After Hours.  During these times you will be able to offer a menu of recorded messages or voicemail.  The choice is completely yours.

You Can Check Voicemail From Any Browser

Recording messages is easy.  Use your computer microphone and record a WAV file and then upload it to the cloud server.  Set your rules and you’re off to the races!  You won’t believe how easy set-up really is.  After the rules are set, call routing is automatic.  A complete call log is provided so you can always see just what’s happening with your calls. If someone goes on vacation or your need to change something, simply log in to your control panel and make the changes.

It’s tough competing for business these days.  You have to give your company every edge you can in order to win over new clients. A great cloud receptionist gives you the edge.  Present a professional image to the public at the same time you improve efficiency for your inbound marketing.  You can check your voicemail from any web browser.  Phone calls can be forwarded to any phone you want, including mobile.  That means mobility is assured.  No matter where you need to be reached, you can be.  Learn more about the MostHost Cloud Business Phone.