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Stolen Laptop Recovery Made Easy

By in Mobile Security

If you’ve ever read police blotters undoubtedly you’ve saw numerous reports of people having their laptops stolen from their homes, cars and public places.

Whether these laptop computers were taken by brute force or because an opportunity presented itself to a thief, a laptop security solution put in place before a theft occurs gives you the upper hand in recovering your laptop computer if you fall victim to this all too common crime.

Laptop theft not only causes a financial loss, it also puts all of your personal information like banking information, contact lists, and popular social networking websites at risk for unauthorized use by an unknown individual, probably with bad intent. Having the proper controls allows you to quickly and easily lock down your computer from being used at all.

Laptop security controls via a software solution are the best way to guarantee that your laptop computer gets returned to you. A remote login allows laptop owners or IT managers to limit access to the missing or stolen laptop computer, sends a report of IP addresses that were used if the laptop is connected to the internet and uses the laptops webcam to take a picture of the person attempting to use the device. Further measures like GPS tracking - and a satellite photo of the suspected location where the laptop computer is at - allows you to locate where the laptop is being used from in order to recover it.

Preventative measures such as a device scream and warning displays on a lock screen when the laptop computer is turned on lets a user know that the computer is “hot” and urges them to return it to the owner. It also helps deter the resale or pawning of the computer, since it won’t function as a working laptop computer.

In extreme cases, the ability to shred the data contained on a laptop computer should be a last option. Shredding all data stored on the computer will remove everything from the laptop, making it permanently unusable - by you or anyone else, so this should only be considered as a last resort.

If you would like to assure that your laptop computer gets recovered in case of loss or theft, please take advantage of a risk free 7 day trial of our laptop security services.