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Share The Klout! Klout Share Button Adds LinkedIn Integration

By in Social Media

Today was a good day to log into my Klout account. Not only did I find that my Klout score increased by 1 point, I also discovered that they’ve integrated LinkedIn sharing buttons.

The LinkedIn share button makes it easy for users to post updates from Klout as their LinkedIn Status, or post them to groups or individuals.

If you aren’t familiar with Klout, this social media tool is being touted as the “the standard for influence.” Klout scores are calculated based on your social media activity at sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursqaure, Youtube and other popular social networking websites.

Klout is a fun way to gauge just how effectively you’ve been working in the social media arena using a number of metrics including engagement, network influence and true reach. All of these metrics can be improved by getting more involved in social media networking.

Active members with higher Klout scores qualify for “Perks” like tickets to movie screenings, Gift Cards, or to even get the chance to be one of the first people to drive the all new Chevy Volt with a chance to win a gift card. (Unfortunately the last Perk has already been filled, but there’s always next time!)

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