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School Web Filtering Protects Students And Computers On Educational Networks

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As more schools and educational institutions have added computers in the classroom, the need for keeping students from accessing websites that contain adult material, illegal downloads or even social networking websites has risen.

Students know their way around the internet.

School web filtering offers a solution to keeping students on the academic path when they’re using school owned computers and protects the school’s computer network by analyzing destination URL’s before allowing students to visit unapproved websites.

URL’s that are deemed to be malicious in nature - IE: the site contains malware, spyware or other malicious code - will be blocked so students can’t reach it, which protects your school owned computers from being compromised because someone clicked on the wrong website or web link. URL’s that are ‘clean’ or otherwise whitelisted by school administration can be accessed without issues.

In addition to offering protection against viruses and other internet threats, web filtering software gives school administration or their IT department the ability to set access controls for the student body without standing over the kid’s shoulders. These rules can be made specifically to prohibit students from spending time at social networking websites, video sharing sites, gaming websites or domains that promote hate, violence or racism during school hours.

Web filtering software can be deployed quickly and is the perfect solution for private, public and Christian schools everywhere. Since no hardware is required, it’s cost effective because your school doesn’t have to pay thousands of dollars up front to get started. This type of web security offers protection from viruses and other network intrusions so the benefit of using school web filters is twofold - students are protected from visiting distracting or malicious websites and your computers run less risk of system downtime and the need for computer cleanup as a result of a virus outbreak.

If you’re interested in an internet content filter for your school system, deploying it couldn’t be easier or more affordable. Click here to get a free, no obligation quote on URL content filtering services.