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Compliant Emails Hosting And HIPAA Demand Encryption

It’s hard not to be a fan of email encryption.  This simple technique takes something that is essentially insecure and secures it better than the gold in Fort Knox.  Unless you have the right keys, you simply cannot unlock the content of an email once it’s been encrypted.  This is a very important point for any organization that needs to ensure compliance. Failure to comply with key regulations like HIPAA can have serious consequences.  As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The good news is, implementing HIPAA compliant email has never been easier.

At MostHost we offer MXSweep Encryption because it tackles the complicated job of HIPAA compliance and helps you easily implement rules that ensure your email is secure.  Private patient information must be kept private, especially when sending it through email.  If you aren’t encrypting your messages, a data breach becomes likely.  Emails are stored in the same format they’re sent in.  That means an unencrypted email will be stored in plain-text format, on every server it passes through on route to its final destination. This increases the likelihood that someone will read the contents of the email.  After all, plain-text can be read by any editor!  Worse, the records are stored on multiple relay servers worldwide.  You simply can’t account for what can go wrong.  With encryption, this becomes a moot point because the emails CAN NOT be read by anyone who doesn’t have the encryption key.

Encryption Locks Down Your Email

Encryption Locks Down Your Email

Automatically encrypting email ensures that private data remains private. Once your initial rules are complete, all email security will be enforced automatically. This eliminates guesswork at the same time intelligently doing all the ‘heavy lifting‘ associated with compliance. There are plenty of additional features that make sending and receiving email a true joy.If you ever send a package to someone that needs to be called back you can do so easily by revoking the package!  You can look at package delivery and see exactly who picked up what and when.  There’s no more second guessing delivery.  Plus, you can easily prove your comliance with your detailed audit trail.  That fact alone will help you gain peace of mind.

If you’ve been thinking about implementing encryption for email security, now’s the perfect time to do it.  Encryption is an affordable and effective solution that rapidly improves the security of your organization’s email.  Please feel free to request a quote and one of our product experts will get back to you quickly with a no obligation quote.  Thanks for stopping by.

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