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Unsecured Laptop Computers Can Present Real Problems For Healthcare Professionals

Laptop computers have become an important tool of many healthcare professionals worldwide because of their portability, ease of use and the move towards “paperless” records becoming more of  a standard.

Securing Laptop Computers Is Key For Healthcare Professionals

Securing Laptop Computers Is Key For Healthcare Professionals

While laptops are a convenient way to store patient records, keep notes and communicate with business associates and colleagues via Email, these devices can pose a significant risk in the event that they’re ever lost or stolen.

If you aren’t taking precautions such as large file encryption, Email Encryption and protecting other sensitive information stored on your laptop hard drive, this information could  be accessed by unauthorized personnel and cause a HIPAA breach.

Larger healthcare organizations that manage a fleet of laptop computers for their employees can go one further to protect the critical data stored on their employee issued devices by installing SaaS Mobile Security software that allows IT managers to remotely lock out computer access once a laptop has been reported lost or stolen. By proactively blocking access to the Internet, critical files and personal information such as Email contact lists, IT managers can quickly curtail common issues that arise as a result of lost devices. Further, the security software can be used to recover the device.

Laptop computer tracking tools include IP tracking that reports the IP address that was used to connect the laptop to the Internet and a GPS photo of its suspected physical location. This SaaS security solution will even take a webcam photo of the person using the computer so you can see who has the device, will display a warning that the laptop is stolen so it loses value in the secondary market and can even emit a “scream” so the computer isn’t easy to use.

No matter whether you manage 10 laptop computers or 1,000 of them having the right security precautions in place can really make a difference for your healthcare business or Organization. To find out more about this SaaS security solution can help protect your critical data stored on laptop computers, please click on the blue button below for a no-obligation quote on Laptop Security services.

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  1. Liane Markus says:

    I definitely agree because the technology really is very important nowadays. All hospitals nowadays are using computers as their main tool most especially when it comes to the patients’ files and documentations.