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Content Filtering Software For Business Stops Problems

Content filtering is a mildly controversial subject in some circles.  Employers have been dealing with employees using the internet for nefarious purposes for years, and many of them are taking action to ensure it never happens again.  For companies who have to maintain compliance, this issue is a proverbial ‘no-brainer.’  They can’t afford to allow employees to engage in any activities which will breach their compliance covenants.  If that were to happen, they would lose money.

Let’s say a corporation can not say certain things on Twitter for legal reasons.  How can they be sure that one of their employees won’t access the popular social networking website during the work day and make a careless ‘Tweet‘?  The only way to be completely sure is to filter URL requests through a policy-based system that determines what access is allowed and when.  Not only that, but logging their visits would add additional security.  Better yet, they may consider removing all access to social media to all but the employees who have an essential need to gain access.  Sure, a few employees might complain about the treatment, but let’s face facts: if they don’t really need that access to perform their work duties, you can eliminate a lot of headaches by removing it from them.

Web Security With URL Content Filtering

Web Security With URL Content Filtering

Content Filtering Software For Business Is Flexible 

If you need more flexible arrangements, no problem.  At MostHost our web security with URL content filtering is powered by multiple engines.  We chose this solution because it’s fast, flexible, and powerful.  For clients who need to install content filtering software for business purposes, this service is strong in the areas of auditing, security, and compliance.  The bottom line is, you can filter content however you like, by making use of regular expressions, file types, media types, URLs, and even more elaborate rules of your own design.  You choose exactly what transpires.  You can tweak the events according to the unique needs of your organization.  For many organizations, the default rules are enough.  But if you have an extremely unique situation going on, you can draft the rules in a specific manner according to your needs.

This is great for the system administrator, because there is a centralized management console for policy, management, and reporting.  You can log in, see if any requests were denied, and make any adjustments needed.  If for some reason, legitimate requests are blocked because a rule is too strict, you can trace its routes and modify it as needed. You’re in charge of all incoming and outgoing traffic, which is one way to rapidly increase your security and your compliance.  The percentage of porn traffic that is downloaded during work hours has been estimated to be 70%!  Many people who are ‘at work‘ are actually ‘goofing off.’  If you don’t control their surfing habits, you can find yourself in a world of hurt.

Content filtering software lets your business control the flow of information, so you can maintain compliance and increase your security.  In the end, that could end up saving you costs while reducing the stress associated with non-compliance. You set the rules, you read the reports, and you manage all aspects of your program.

At MostHost we’re so convinced you’ll love our web security solution, we’ve teamed up to offer 6 months free when you purchase 12 months.  You won’t have to worry about renewal fees for 18 months, and you’ll rapidly increase the compliance and security of your organization.  If you’ve been considering a content filtering solution for your business, now would be the time to get it!

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