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8 Characteristics Of A Great Blog Post

The word is out that blogging is a powerful traffic generation tool for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations.  Blogging has become an essential part of social media marketing because it helps companies put a face to their name and spread the word about their unique products and services.  Along with the rise of legitimate bloggers, untold ‘auto-blogs‘ have also arisen.  So how can blogs differentiate themselves in a world filled with so much similarity?  This article takes a look at the characteristics that make up a great blog post.

Vital Information

This is one of the most difficult characteristics to create.  Sure, you might be able to come up with unique information for a blog post.  It’s doubtful.  But it is possible.  But is it vital information?  Probably not.  Outside of news agencies and extremely well-placed insiders, vital blog posts aren’t common.  When a blog post contains vital information, you could be looking at a classic.  Vital information could come from interviews, contacts, or just by digging.  If you consistently release vital info, your blog might become great as well!

Great Blog Post

Great Blog Post!

Well Written

Sure, everyone thinks their blog post is well written.  But is it well edited?  Great editing is great writing.

Bloggers who are successful are used to getting a lot of traffic to their blog posts. That’s why they’ve gotten into the habit of writing well-researched and well-written articles.  If they don’t, the thousands of visitors who land at their blog will leave with a sour taste in their mouth, never to return again.  Great writing even uses a special writing structure.  Your blog post doesn’t have to be a great work of literature, but it should be easy to read and it should communicate your brand and message to the reader.

Great writing does this.


Blog posts are all about the time they’re written in.  A timely blog post has a chance to really resonate with visitors who are ‘in the moment.’  One of the key features of a blog is that it gives the blogger the ability to comment on what’s happening right then and there.  Many top blog posts are very much in touch with the current times.  Even if your blog post touches on a subject that is ‘evergreen,’ you may be well-served to freshen it up with news items.  The world we live in moves fast so it makes sense to incorporate as much fresh information as you can in a post.  There’s no need to settle for the same sources everyone else does.


Even though a great blog post is timely, it should contain elements of timeliness!  That means you want to include some ‘advice for the ages’ that will still resonate with people, even if they land on your post months after it was published.  The more useful your post is, the more value it holds.  One such timeless element that could be added would be a related quote from someone you admire.  Adding a bit of history and class to a blog post can turn it from good to great.

Create Great Blog Posts

Create Great Blog Posts


Sometimes great blog posts are the results of a calculating mind.  It’s not always easy to create a great blog post unless you have some very specific objectives in minds.  Great bloggers know how to manipulate the mind.  They are masters at understanding the psychology of web visitors.  Many great blog posts are the result of their cunning.  Emulate these bloggers with a calculating post.


Some great blog posts are not calculating.  They’re the result of true passion.  Perhaps you’re just genuinely moved by something and you’re able to convey your emotions to your readers.  If you’re genuine enough, they’ll respond.  If you can’t come up with a calculated post, then try tugging on your reader’s heart strings.  You can only achieve greatness with a blog post when others really respond to what you’ve written.  It’s easier to evoke an emotional response or strike the right chord when the subject appeals to your emotions too.


These days you should add as much value as you can to a great blog post. Add pictures and videos.  Add charts and graphs.  Add anything that helps you tell your story to your visitor.  Blog posts don’t need to be boring.  You can spruce them up and make them more visually appealing than ever.  Videos add attraction for a whole new audience to your blog.  Lots of people don’t really enjoy reading text and would prefer a video version.  You can do a combination of text and video-based blog posts and learn which one does better with your audience.  Good videos are also hard to make, so rest assured you’ll have a lot of work cut out for you making great videos to go along with your great blog posts.


Great blog posts are designed for their audience.  As bloggers tend their blogs, they get to learn the needs of their visitors.  Cultivating posts that appeal to them helps a blog grow quickly.  Blog posts need to be geared towards the audience they’re targeting.  Even if your blog post doesn’t get wide coverage, it won’t matter as long as it gets to the right people.  Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and you can never go wrong.

Writing a great blog post is a noble goal.  It’s worth giving it a try every time you sit down to compose your blog.  If you fall short, there’s always next time.  It’s not up to you to judge whether you created a great blog post or not.  Others get to decide.  They will evaluate your efforts and if your post is found to be of extraordinary value they’ll let you know by commenting on it and sharing it to members of their social circles.  If your blog post continues to get handed down from one person to another, you may have produced a great one.

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