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Blog Traffic Generation Advice I Just Can’t Get Into

Most bloggers end up looking around in blogs for information about how to generate more traffic.  It’s human nature.  Being curious to find out if there are simple techniques you’ve been missing that you can easily implement.  I’ve been checking out a lot of such blog posts lately and much of the advice offered is reasonable and effective.  But there’s one bit of advice that keeps rearing its head and I just can’t cotton to it.

People say that one way to get blog traffic is by ‘ranting!’  Can you imagine?  They expect you to lose your mind and go on a rampage in order to generate ‘controversy’ in order to get visitors.

Blog Traffic Generation Advice

Blog Traffic Generation Advice

Sorry, but this just won’t work for many blogs!  In fact, ranting is probably the opposite of the type of posting that business bloggers need to do.

Raving Like A Lunatic Is Not Cool!

Fine, if you have a beef about something, then feel free to vent.  But by the time you’ve degenerated to ‘ranting,’ you might want to calm down, take a chill pill, and wait to post.  The only thing worse than a written blog rant is a video blog rant!  Just how comfortable do you have to be with yourself to flip on your webcam and start spewing into the void? More comfortable than I am in a public forum.

If you’re a comedian or in the business of entertaining people, then go right ahead and rant.  If you do it well enough, people might actually agree with your viewpoint.   The average business blogger needs to stick to business.  Business is not about going off the deep end emotionally.  It’s about staying the course and satisfying client concerns.  If you appear to be crazed or overly upset, who will take you seriously?  No, you’re probably better off just relaxing and writing a natural post in a calm fashion.

Still, if your heart is set on ranting, I won’t stop you!  Let it all out.  Feel better now?  Good.

What common blogging wisdom do you discount?

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