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Remote Laptop Security Could Have Solved Computer Theft From Tufts University

Tufts University recently reported that in April of this year one of their university owned laptop computersthat contained a spreadsheet with the personal information - including social security numbers - of 73 applicants to the Tufts Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was stolen. To date there have been no reports that this data has been misused, but this is still a serious concern for the applicants involved.

Lock Computers For Internet Security

Lock Computers For Internet Security

The university reported the missing laptop was equipped with encryption software, but they were unsure if the computer was shut down correctly to guard against unauthorized use. A release from the Tufts Office of University Counsel to the New Hampshire State Attorney General’s Office said, “Someone finding the laptop might have been able to access the data without a password.”

If the university would have been using a laptop security solution, in addition to encryption services, this missing laptop could have been remotely locked to prevent anyone from using this computer or accessing critical files that were stored on it. In addition, the security software could have provided information to identify who took the machine, locate the IP address it was being used from and even help to recover it. In extreme cases, IT personnel would also be able to “shred” the computer and erase any (and all) information contained on the device, so that it couldn’t be breached (or used) at all.

If your business or organization maintains a handful (or a fleet) of laptop computers, you need to mitigate your risk of losing these data filled devices by empowering your IT department with remote laptop security controls. This ensures that even if your laptop computer isn’t in your hands, it’s still under your control. Don’t wait any longer to protect your laptop computers from loss or theft and sign up for a risk free 7 day trial of our laptop security solution.

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