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Great Professional Social Media Profile Checklist - We Know It When We See It

I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description [porn]; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.” - Potter Stewart

Potter Stewart had a point when discussing porn that’s still applicable today. Although we can’t always define everything we see in precise terms, when judging quality it’s safe to say we know it when we see it. This is especially true concerning good social media profiles and poor ones. Social networks are quickly becoming the premium destination where others learn about you, your brand, and your services. In fact, social media profiles are so important that they are now ‘make it or break it’ for many people when deciding to purchase from your company or donate money to your organization. How many times have you Google’d someone’s name and landed on their Facebook or LinkedIn page and been astounded by the information contained therein? Probably more than you’re comfortable counting!

You know the types of profiles you’re impressed with? Those are the great ones, and we know it when we see it. Same goes for the junk. Let’s focus on the attributes that make up good social media profiles, and try to avoid the bad habits that can lead us astray.

Checklist For Standout Business Social Media Profiles

  • Thorough people thoroughly fill out their profiles. Once you begin a profile on a social network, you’re committed. You probably won’t finish in one setting. Instead, make an effort every so often to check your profiles for errors and omissions. Fill out as much information as you can because these keyword concepts help others connect with you and the descriptions you create are responsible for your image.
  • Social media profiles are prime real estate.
    Neal Schaffer's Profile

    Neal Schaffer Knows How To Use His Social Media Real Estate

    Always direct visitors to your profiles back to a destination web page that either pushes further engagement or has an easy way for people to contact your or connect with you. You can’t afford to ignore the traffic your profile gets, because these are the people who are most interested in you. If someone takes the time to learn more about you, you organization, or products, don’t let them down with a poor profile. Treat this prime real estate like you would any great piece of property. That means pruning and primping when necessary. Learn from Neal Schaffer’s profile. He gets his message out loud and clear!
  • Pictures speak a thousand words. Don’t let your profile say “I’m a party animal” if you’re attempting to find work or funds for a new venture. Jarring juxtapositions might be great for films, but mixed metaphors or worse in your social media profile will hurt its effectiveness.
  • Smile. People will judge you by your picture. If you look mean, people won’t want to add you to their social Circles. Friendlier people have no similar issue. You know the saying. You catch more flies with honey. Smile. Find something to beam about before having your picture taken.
  • Separate your business from your personal. If you maintain a distinction in your mind between business and personal use of social media, separate the two into distinct profiles. That way you have one for your friends, and one for potential clients or employers. Make sure to read up on privacy settings, and lock down any information, pictures, or videos that paint you in an unprofessional light.
  • Make your argument. If you have something to say or a cause to promote, be clear. Give strong examples and include as many resources as possible. Utilize every inch of your social media profile to get your message out and do it in a forceful, energetic, and positive way. Do this by telling as much of your story as you’re comfortable doing, in terms that are important to you.

The easiest way to see what information comes up is to search for your name and particular details in Google. Pay close attention to the information that is presented about you. Much of it is has been written by you, so taking control of the message should be simple. Keep in mind, there are no real rules for social media success. Everyone defines what that term means in their own way. However, following certain principles and best practices can help us build on the work of those who came before us to help accelerate our own development.

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  1. Darren,

    Thank you so much for using me as your “example” in your blog post - I am truly honored.

    The points you made are all bang on. I am especially passionate about advising people to create a “public persona” and completely separate their offline/private from the online/public activities. It really is a must to create a maintain a robust personal brand.

    Looking forward to your future posts!


  2. Neal,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for the positive comments. I agree about creating separate identities. We all know people like to ‘goof off’ a bit from their professional obligations and there’s no reason they shouldn’t. But keeping the two activities complete apart is probably a best practice.

    Take care,


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