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WordPress Blog Hosting With Enterprise Email Security For Small Businesses Is An Affordable Solution!

If you’ve been managing a WordPress based website and you’ve had an Email address (or two) in the public domain for a while, chances are you receive a lot of unwanted Email on a daily basis.

While this unwanted Email might feel like a general nuisance, chances are these messages could also contain viruses, trojans, phishing attempts or other malware that are designed to wreak havoc on your computer system.

What Your Filtered Email Report Will Look Like

What Your Filtered Email Report Will Look Like

Along with being a troublesome threat to your local computer system, unwanted Email can also affect your WordPress website performance because your web host server has to process and and deliver these junk messages to you and your personnel.

If your server is busy processing unwanted Email messages, visitors at your website could be experiencing slow load times and latency - which is never good for anyone.

Enterprise Email Security Isn’t Just Reserved For Large Enterprises Anymore!

If you’re tired of processing fraudulent Email and your Spam filters just aren’t doing the job of removing bogus Email from your WordPress domain inboxes, putting an Enterprise level Email filtering solution into place isn’t as complicated - or as expensive - as you might think.

SaaS (Software as a Service) has made these services readily available to anyone that wants to start removing these messages from their Inbox and gain control over what messages get delivered. Email reports allow you to see what Emails what messages were rejected and why - IE: Likely Spam or Virus.

Any messages that are erroneously marked as Spam or otherwise can always be ‘allowed’ and will be immediately delivered to the intended recipient. Messages that are deemed to definitely contain viruses are deleted automatically, so you and your staff don’t have to spend valuable time deleting these messages at the workplace.

Definite Viruses Are Remotely Quarantined And Not Delivered

Definite Viruses Are Remotely Quarantined And Not Delivered

A Web Based Interface Allows WordPress Managers To See How Email Messages Are Being Handled

SaaS based Email security also removes some of the mysticism out of Email by providing a web based interface that shows you exactly what Email is being sent to, delivered and  deleted from your server. Additionally, our Email security service assures that your domain is whitelisted, so any outgoing Email messages won’t inadvertently be caught in Spam filters and not be delivered to your intended recipient.

MostHost Makes It Easy For You To Make The Switch To Managed WordPress Hosting And Utilize Enterprise Level Email Security Services!

We here at MostHost.net  are so confident that you’ll love this technology solution that our trusted team of technicians will migrate your entire WordPress website to our fast cloud servers at no additional charge to you.

To find out more or to get custom pricing on managed WordPress hosting with Enterprise Email security, kindly get in touch with us via LiveChat or by telephone at 877-270-7753 and a client representative will be happy to assist you!

Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to working with you for an improved Email experience.

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