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Does A Slow WordPress Site And Unfiltered Email Have You Feeling Down?

Having a slow WordPress website isn’t good for anyone because of the obvious. If it takes your website even just a few seconds to load, impatient visitors aren’t going to sit around waiting for your pages to display.

This means that anything you’ve done in an effort to increase awareness of your website - whether it’s paid advertising, PPC, offline ads or online website promotions - will fall to the wayside because of performance issues, leaving you a little more empty handed and possibly even frustrated with your results.

Wordpress Sites Should Be Fast!

WordPress Sites Should Be Fast!

Did you know that Site Speed is one of the easiest things you can improve?

Back in 2010, Google software engineer Matt Cutts blogged this when it was announced that Site Speed would be a determining factor in their search engine ranking algorithyms, saying:

 I would love if SEOs dive into improving website speed, because (unlike a few facets of SEO) decreasing the latency of a website is something that is easily measurable and controllable. A #1 ranking might not always be achievable, but most websites can be made noticeably faster, which can improve ROI and conversion rates. In that sense, this change represents an opportunity for SEOs and developers who can help other websites improve their speediness.

If you couple a slow WordPress website with unfiltered Email addresses that are constantly getting bombarded with Spam Emails, Phishing attempts and unwanted messages, chances are you (and your employees) are spending way too much time trying to sift through the rubbish messages making ‘heads or tails’ of them.

Not only does unfiltered Email waste time, your web server has to obey two masters - web surfers and Email senders.

If your server is ‘too busy’ accepting and processing incoming messages, it could fall short on the resources it needs to properly display your website to online visitors that could become potential readers, leads or a conversion. Not a good trade off really.

Isn’t it hard to change a WordPress host and filter domain Email?

Simple answer. Not if you leave it to the right people for the job!

If you’re currently using a webhost that boasts cheap webhosting services and having over a million domain names under management, you’re literally just ‘one in a million.’ Since you’re just one of a million, personalized service isn’t one of the things included in your WordPress hosting package. You get your login and the rest is up to you.

At  MostHost, we do our level best to provide excellent customer service to our clients. WordPress publishers that want to implement SaaS based Email security services for their incoming and outgoing Email will love how easy it is to upgrade their existing WordPress blog to faster servers and our Premium Email service alleviates unneeded stress on their new web server.

If you’d like to learn more about our Premium WordPress hosting plans with Email security services, please give us a call at 1-877-270-7753 and a representative will be happy to discuss our seamless solutions with you!

Talk to you soon!

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