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Email Encryption Solutions Ensure Compliance

Email encryption is gaining in popularity as more and more organizations realize how this technology can help them gain compliance.  Organizations that handle health records use encryption in order to ensure the privacy of data in their care.  If sensitive data is exposed to outside parties, they could be held liable and end up paying large fines.  In fact, data breaches can cost organizations money and at the same time erode their reputations.  No one wants to be on the wrong end of a data breach.

Email Encryption Solves Problems

Email Encryption Solves Problems

Encryption locks private records and keeps them private.  Quite simply, if you don’t have the right key to unlock an encrypted email, you won’t be able to read it.  This stands in sharp contrast to unencrypted email, which in its normal plain-text format can be read by ANYONE. Not only can ANYONE read it, but the emails are also STORED in plain-text format.  You may not realize this, but many times an email lands on different mail servers until it reaches its final destination. Anyone who has access to that server can use any editor and open and read the contents! You can now probably see why this is such a big deal and why people have to take preventive measures to be certain this doesn’t happen.  By default, email that contains private information is a liability.  Using encryption, that liability is eliminated.  Only authorized people can now see records.  This eliminates the common threat to all email that is posed by curiosity.

At MostHost, we offer the MXSweep encryption solution because it offers advantages over its rivals. This solution is simple to implement and allows organizations to quickly set up rules that will be enforced automatically, ensuring compliance. Using a policy eliminates the need for people to make decisions, and mistakes.  The policy will calmly be implemented whenever necessary, and all emails that need to be encrypted will be.  There’s no need for guesswork and you can sleep well at night knowing your technological solution is working for you.  You can prove your compliance easily too, because you’ll have access to a detailed audit trail that proves which records were encrypted and who received them.  You can also enforce acceptance of legal terms for recipients, which comes in handy in many situations.  There’s no more wondering what happened to an email you sent.  You can find out where it went, who picked it up, and more details.

Email encryption is a sure-fire way to increase your security and compliance.  Further, it’s not complicated to implement or use.  If your organization needs to be compliant, there’s no better time than the present to encrypt your emails.   Please click on the button below and fill out the short quote request form.  A product expert will get back to you with a no-obligation quote on email encryption.  Thanks for stopping by.

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