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New Domain Names Extensions Available

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Are you in the mood to build a new website? You should consider picking a whole new domain name, and even a new extension if you desire.  The world is not as small as it used to be and there are a whole lot more options available to you when it comes time to pick a domain name. Proof of that is the incredible amount of TLDs available for domain names. Now you can target customers where they live with country specific TLDs. You can also find a great brandable domain name using witty combinations of domain names and TLDs.  The choice is up to you on how you deploy your new domain.

At MostHost, we’ve added the following extension to our Cloud Store. (26 New Domain Name Extensions For You To Choose From)

Coupon For Domain Registration Is LUX10OFF

Coupon For Domain Registration Is LUX10OFF

  • .ae .in
  • .at .lu
  • .be .lv
  • .bg .me
  • .ch .nu
  • .rs
  • .ru
  • .si
  • .sk
  • .tv
  • .hr

This is addition to the following extensions we already offered: (You Can Select From 36 TLDs)

  • .com
  • .org
  • .eu
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .mobi
  • .name
  • .net
  • .de
  • .nl

Save 10% Off An All Domains Names

We’re having a sale on domains to celebrate.  If you enter the coupon code LUX10OFF you can receive an additional 10% off the price of the domain.  This might be a perfect time to consider getting a great domain name on a new TLD.  If you’re targeting a specific geographic area with your marketing, a country specific TLD is a great way to make sure you get targeted traffic.

In fact, you can save 10% off on all of our cloud services, just by using your LUX10OFF coupon.  A new domain and a new web hosting plan are bound to get you moving in the right direction.  Go global with a giant array of TLDs and reliable hosting.  MostHost offers hosting in 8 cities in 2 countries.  All of our MostCloud hosting plans are hosted in dual dedicated Tier 4 Data Centers in the heart of Luxembourg.  All hosting plans are fully managed.  You can expect high uptime and expert answers.  Our sales office is open 7 days weekly from 9am to 9pm EST so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have at 1-877-270-7753. Click here to find your domain.