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Location Based Services Are A Staple For Smartphone Users

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If you’ve come to rely on geo-location based services provided by your Smartphone to get information about businesses, attractions and events going on in your area, you can take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone.

Location Tools Are A Staple For Smartphone Users

Location Tools Are A Staple For Smartphone Users

Location Tools Are Growing In Popularity By People On The Move

A recent study conducted by Pew Research found that almost 75% of Smartphone users now use real-time location-based information on their phones as of February 2012 to find recommendations, directions and other information based on their current location. Whether it be to fill up the gas tank or find an awesome place you’ve never heard of before to have lunch with your travel mates, location based services appear to be the newest type of directory for people that are on the move.

Mobile Check-In Services Are Also On The Upswing

Additionally, the use of check-in services - or Geosocial services - such as Foursquare, which rewards users with points and rewards for “checking in” to establishments is also seeing an increase of adoption with 18% of Smartphone users using these services to find deals, locate interesting businesses or meet up with friends in a quick, informal manner. Foursquare users can search for information based on ‘Places’ - which returns a number of results of places near your current location, by  using “Explore” you can choose from a menu that offers food, coffee, nightlife, shops and entertainment options that are nearby, so you can make a more informed decision about what you’d like to do next.

For those that love to find a bargain before setting foot in a store, it’s easy to find “Specials Nearby” for establishments that are offering discounts or other incentives for people to shop or dine at their business. Depending on your area and participating merchants, this could be 10% off your total food bill, a free appetizer with every third Check-In or 15% off your retail purchase. As you can see, Foursquare can be helpful on a number of levels because it helps you connect with friends that are in your general area, introduces you to businesses that you might not have already known about and offers discounts to their users.

What are your thoughts on location based services? Are you one of the 75% that uses these services to provide useful information while you’re out and about? How much does it influence your buying decisions?