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Learn About The Advantages Of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed WordPress Hosting Helps Your Business Grow

Millions of website owners have selected WordPress as the platform they use to build their web presence. WordPress has a vast community of developers who make plugins that extend the functionality of the core CMS. This huge collective of developers has spawned numerous websites about every subject imaginable. With such huge success, though, some problems have also arisen.

Security Issues Plague WordPress

Visitors From Google Were Treated To This Replacement Site

Visitors From Google Were Treated To This Replacement Site

Because WordPress is popular and open source, the platform is subject to numerous hacks. The range of attacks is stunning. Some hackers simply attempt to deface WordPress sites to show their superiority. Others are more ambitious. Some want to use hacked WordPress sites to install malware on remote machines. Some use the hack to replace the current WordPress with links to their own websites for search engine ranking purposes. There’s no limit to the damage that can be caused by weak security on a WordPress site.

If your WordPress is hacked, it can impact your visitors and end up with your website being ‘blacklisted’ by Google and other major third party websites. This hurts your search engine rankings, and your online reputation. Check out the picture attached to this article. This is a special page created by a pharmacy that displays only to people (or bots) who visit the compromised site via Google search! The site owner never even noticed this happened, and this particular exploit can be done on most standard server configurations.

Managed WordPress hosts keep a tight reign on security and make sure your WordPress doesn’t fall prey to these common exploits.

WordPress Can Become Bloated And Slow

Without proper optimization, your WordPress site can start running very slowly. Slow websites are poisonous to visitor satisfaction and to search rankings. When the user experience fades, less visitors are sent to your WordPress. Since fresh visitors are the lifeblood of any solid WordPress site, neglecting optimization can result in a big problem. Selecting managed WordPress hosting means you get an optimized WordPress experience every time. Your provider will keep up with all the best practices to ensure your website runs at top speed every time. If you select a cloud hosting provider with high uptime guarantees and managed WordPress plans, you have a distinct advantage over your competitors who are on their own.

Using a managed provider means you can stay focused on what matters. For a WordPress site, that means adding plenty of high-quality fresh content. Your job is to keep growing your website and promoting your content. When you select a managed WordPress host, they become your partner in your online venture. Your host works on the heavy lifting of running your WordPress website while you focus on making your site into a success! Together there’s no stopping your inevitable rise to the top of the online world. Remarkably enough, fully managed WordPress hosting is affordable, so there’s no good reason to scrimp on it when it makes such a difference to your eventual success.

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