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IT Managers - Mobile Device Security For Your Laptop Or Smartphone Fleet Is A Must

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As companies deploy fleets of smartphones and/or laptops computers to mobilize their workforce, more workers are now using these mobile devices to complete important tasks related to their jobs. But along with the flexibility of being able to work remotely from a laptop or Smartphone comes the danger that this device, which has access to critical company or organization information, could fall into the wrong hands by way of theft or loss.

Laptop and Smartphone Fleet Managers Are Held Accountable In The Case Of Loss Or Theft

Mobile devices are small and can be lost or stolen easily, especially if they’ve been assigned to tens (or hundreds) of employees. When a company issued mobile device turns up missing, this device becomes a serious security threat to the company that owns it.

Protect Your Mobile Fleet

A recent survey of 100 British companies conducted by Good Company found that the number of consumer devices entering the workplace has doubled in six months and IT managers are seeing increased reports of data breaches as a result of unauthorized mobile access. Any sensitive company information that can be accessed by the person that has the device could cause a data breach, which is bad for you and bad for business.

To avoid the security risks that mobile workforce fleets represent, it’s key to have a mobile security procedure in place before loss or theft.

Key features of a flexible mobile security that empower IT managers should include:

  • A Simple web interface for easy administration. IT managers should be able login and set security policies and quickly review all pertinent information about the mobile devices in their fleet.
  • Remote phone lock/unlock to protect phones, laptops and data. IT managers are put in the control seat and need the ability to shut down the mobile device that’s went missing. Once a device has been locked, should be rendered useless to anyone that has it, even if the SIM card is replaced or changed.
  • Phone contact back up/restore to recover vital data. With the proper security measures in place, IT managers should be able to remotely back up their fleet’s phone information, and not suffer from data loss.
  • Automatic phone lock after an unauthorized SIM card change. This assures that the smartphone can’t operate even if a new SIM is used. Without the ability for the device to work it quickly loses value in a secondary or black market.
  • A Device Siren. If a device screams “Bloody Murder,” when it’s locked and someone tries to use it, they’ll quickly be deterred from operating it or attempting to resell or pawn. This makes the device very undesirable to use and helps with recovery.
  • Allows Incoming calls, even when locked. Incoming calls to the phone should be accepted so you can speak to the person in possession of it. In the case of a straight loss, you should be able to quickly contact the person that has it and reclaim it.
  • A Tracking Systems that allow you to locate your missing laptop or cell phone using GPS. Laptop computers that are connected to the internet should be able to report the IP address that it was accessed from, if using the right mobile security solution.
  • Autolock functions lock phone following unusual usage. If your fleet phone starts originating calls from another country or has a pattern of suspicious phone calls, it should be detected and shut your device down to prevent unauthorized use.

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