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Finally, A Cloud Phone System For SoHo Business By MostHost

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Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the ‘cloud.’  This term can be confusing to a lot of people, but in essence the term means that a cluster of remote servers run an application for you. That application is replicated across more than one server, which allows for high-availability.  A number of serious business applications have been moving to the cloud, and cloud phone service is one them.  Cloud phone systems for SoHo businesses combine the power and reliability of cloud computing with the flexibility of automated SaaS software in order to create a phone experience that is top-notch for the end user.

Update: Cloud Business Phone is here:

Cloud Phone System




A Cloud Phone System For SoHo Businesses

A Cloud Phone System For SoHo Businesses

Next month, MostHost will be introducing a new phone cloud system that has been designed by our new partners to solve many issues that are unique to SoHo businesses.

  • Allows you to establish a completely professional phone presence complete with automatic or live response call handling
  • This phone system will help you create a connected team by using your existing phone system to mobilize team members
  • This system uses an incredibly easy call tracking and management system including simple, web-based administration

Much like the other solutions we support, this new cloud phone system will be designed for a specific market and will solve specific needs.  Not only that, but the pricing starts at a very affordable $9.99/month, which can help just about any business, including ones just getting off the ground.

It’s never been easier for a small business to set up a modern web presence and a cloud phone system.  These two essential elements can help any business get online where they can start selling to a broader audience.

Look for more information from us coming in February 2012.  Our new SoHo cloud phone system has over 15 features that small businesses owners will really love.

P.S. MostHost has also been nominated for an important web hosting award.  Look for details next month as well.