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Endomondo Mobile Application For Android Review

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If you’re like most people, you’re always looking to get the most out of your Smartphone and the mobile applications that are available through the Android marketplace.

Recently I downloaded the free version of the Endomondo mobile app to help keep track of my fitness (aka walking) efforts. So far, this app has been great for keeping the length of time that I’ve been pounding the pavement, but not so great with providing other accurate information, such as the distance that I’ve walked, although I’m sure this has more to do with not being able to pick up a satellite reception in the low lying area I walked in.

Endomondo Fitness App Keeps Track Of Your Workouts

Endomondo can be used to track your progress for multiple sports including running, cycling, mountain biking, skating, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, fitness walking and many others.

Although registration isn’t required  to use this app, creating an account at gives you the ability to upload your photo, connect with your friends that are also using it (after granting the application permission to access your Facebook information, of course.) You can also upload your photo and fill in additional information such as your birthdate, weight and height to provide a more accurate count of calories burned.

The app keeps track of your mileage, the length of time you’ve been exercising and even a map of the territory that you covered. Other features include the ability to listen to music stored on your playlist and  the ability to automatically upload your workouts directly to the main website to share with people you’re connected with.  The website itself provides additional features such as your workout history, complete with maps of your routes (if the GPS can pick you up), your start time, your distance, the number of calories burned, your duration and your average speed.

Another fun thing about Endomondo is that it keeps track of how many trips around the world and trips to the moon you’ve made while traversing the planet in the pursuit of fun and fitness. If the tracking how close you’ve come to walking to the moon isn’t enough to keep your interest, you might enjoy another feature that lets you know how many burgers you’ve burned since using the application.

Endomondo offers both a free version and Endomondo PRO version in the Android Marketplace for people that are interested in using their mobile phone to help gauge and record their fitness efforts. In my experience, I’ve found this to be more fun and interactive than the common pedometer and hope that this review was helpful to you.

Now it’s time to get stepping!