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Best Phone Apps for Successful College Students

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It seems mobile phone apps have more than entertainment value. They can help you with your studies too. They can help you find and order textbooks as you go by scanning the bar code with the camera or searching by title or number. It is easy to find and rent textbooks this way. Phone apps can also help students track homework by means of an interface. Assignments are dated and labeled in colors. For example, red is for most urgent, blue – least urgent. What else is there for college students?

Keeping track of your schedule

iStudiez Pro gives you a list of the lectures you have to attend and the topic of each one, and a summary of your classes and tasks. It also organizes lectures and classes in chronological order, and has many other extras. The app features a list of events and homework assignments including the type of event, where it will take place, the name of the teacher or instructor, and how much time you have left. The tool works with both iPhone and iPad and helps you stay ahead of deadlines. It costs three dollars.

Taking notes 

EverNote helps students take notes faster and more efficiently. It allows you to keep track of text notes, web pages, lectures, and presentations. It enables you to organize your academic life better, in a few words. You can also take pictures and record voice messages. This app is free. It works with iPhone and utilizes an award-winning concept.

Using internet to prepare for class

If you get the Wi-Fi Finder you will never have a problem finding wi-fi access points in the area, no matter where you are. The app locates them by means of the GPS-monitored location. The access points are shown based on the type of location. The app provides clear directions to the closest point with Internet access, be it free, paid or both. Now you can find your way and do your homework.

Before exam - making flash cards

Mental Case works with iPhones, iPads, and Mac platforms. This flash card app allows you to make flash cards with text, a picture and/or audio. You can also download flash cards from databases. These flash cards are useful for all students, but especially for medical students and students of different technical subjects that require visual and spatial perception. For example, the flash card could show a picture of your hippocampus or medulla oblongata, and you have to identify it. The app costs five dollars.

EZ Read is another app that helps you prepare for exams, especially if you major in literature and linguistics. Spark Notes were a lifesaver back in the day and now, this app brings every single Spark Note in the world to your mobile. It gives you access to book summaries, analysis and quizzes. This is just like reading the book, except quicker.

Beating test anxiety

Exam Support is a convenient app that is supposed to help students (obviously not only students) focus, improve their concentration, and beat test anxiety. This app features a meditation system developed by the British relaxation coach Andrew Johnson.

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