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3 Key Advantages Of Windows Web Hosting

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Lots of people already love Linux web hosting, for reasons we’ve outlined before.  But not as many people seem to be excited about Windows web hosting.  That’s sort of strange because Windows is such a popular operating system.  The truth is, Linux and Windows web hosting are both extremely valuable tools to use for your online business.  Which operating system you choose will end up being determined by your needs, in most cases.

Windows Web Hosting Runs Windows Applications

Windows Server 2008 R2

The number one advantage of Windows web hosting is that it’s perfect for Windows applications!  This might seem obvious, but it’s worth pointing out because the people who choose Windows generally have a specific need for it.  If you need to run a Windows application online, you’ll really want to utilize Windows hosting to do it.  Examples would be ASP and MSSQL applications.

Windows Web Hosting Is Designed To Be Easy

Over the years, Linux web hosting has gotten simpler, too.  But Windows has always been known for making things relatively easy for webmasters.  Using a simple GUI, most people have no trouble learning how to navigate their hosting control panel or with setting up their website options.

Windows Hosting Is Scalable

If you need to ‘ramp up’ Windows web hosting, it’s easy! That’s another reason some people prefer Windows for their hosting needs. They can start small and then easily scale up in case their needs change. That type of flexibility makes Windows hosting a good choice for businesses who aren’t sure how fast their online business will grow.

Best of all, Windows Web Hosting is also extremely affordable.  If you haven’t compared Linux and Windows Web hosting plans in awhile, you might be surprised to learn just how affordable Windows hosting is.

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