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HIPAA Privacy Regulations Require Email Encryption

Organizations that fall under the governance of HIPAA regulations should be encrypting any emails that contain sensitive patient information. Failure to do so can result in a data breach, which can further result in fines as well as civil and criminal penalties.  There have been a number of high-profiles HIPAA violations in the news recently that illustrate how dangerous such a breach can be. Not only can HIPAA violations be expensive, they also can hurt your corporate reputation severely.  If people think you aren’t safeguarding their data, they will likely take their business elsewhere.  Luckily, it’s easy to encrypt your emails in a HIPAA compliant manner with a robust technical solution.

At MostHost, our MXSweep HIPAA Compliant Email Solution solves the problem of gaining compliance for your email quickly.  Our cloud-based solution works with your existing server configuration and helps you enforce rules automatically.  You set the rules you want executed, and they will take place every time you send or receive an email.  A detailed audit trail is provided.  In case you ever need to prove your compliance, you can do so easily.  The rules are flexible enough that you can easily configure a workable solution that is tailor-made for your organization.  If a certain email box never sends private information, let’s say, you can bypass encrypting those emails.  You can restrict emails by content type, sender, and much more.  Really, your power to improve your email is infinite.

Encryption Secures Email Every Time

HIPAA Compliant Email Relieves Stress

HIPAA Compliant Email Relieves Stress

Many people don’t realize that email is completely insecure in its default format.  All emails are sent, received, and stored in plain-text format.  Plain-text files can be read by any editor anywhere.  Not only that, but email is always stored in the exact format in which you receive it.  For this reason, insecure email remains insecure, yet is stored on multiple servers all over the world.  The chance that this email can be read by a third party is immense. When you encrypt emails, this threat is completely eliminated.  Only a recipient with a valid encryption key will be able to access and read the content of your encrypted emails.

Our system enhances your current email, solves HIPAA compliance issues, and extends the features available to you.  You’ll never have to worry about governance issues again, which should help you achieve peace of mind.  The thought of being fined is always stressful. That’s why implementing HIPAA compliant email is a great solution.  Please fill out our short quote request form to receive more information on our solution along with a no obligation quote for the service.

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