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HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption Locks Email Down

HIPAA compliant email encryption is one sure-fire way to ensure compliance for those who send sensitive data through email.  Believe it or not, each day untold volumes of email are sent that DO contain sensitive data but are not encrypted.  This poses a big security risk for the simple reason that email is insecure in its normal format.  If you’re trying to keep data private sending an email is similar to sending a letter in a see-through envelope!  Email is sent and stored by default in plain-text format, which can be read by any normal text editor. Text editors are present on every single device available so essentially ANYONE can read a plain-text email if they’re motivated to do so.

Encryption is akin to sending a letter in an impenetrable lockbox.  Unless you have the key, you just won’t be able to open it and see the contents.  This eliminates common data breaches associated with your email and can help your organization gain compliance for HIPAA.  Encryption is the perfect way to rapidly improve your email security and increase privacy for patients.  If you don’t give the key to someone, they can’t read the email, no matter how hard they try.

Email Encryption Lock Down

Email Encryption Lock Down

At MostHost, we offer MostHost MXSweep email encryption because it offers unique features for compliance. Using this system anyone can receive or reply to your encrypted messages. The solution gives you the ability to set rules which can be enforced automatically that decide exactly what emails to encrypt. There’s no more guesswork.  If one of your recipients needs to get encrypted emails only, you can specify this easily.  The choice is up to you.  In any event, using the solution is extremely easy and can be done by anyone.  Our service works with any mail server and client so you won’t have to revamp your system just to gain the benefits of email encryption.

There are a surprising number of breaches still going on, despite the fact that HIPAA regulations have been getting a lot of press coverage in the last few years.  Lax enforcement used to be one reason organizations felt it was okay to ignore regulations, but that’s changing now as more companies are fined.  Fortunately for companies who need to gain compliance, it’s not particularly hard to accomplish if you work with the right vendor.  If you’ve been thinking about getting HIPAA compliant email but haven’t done so yet, now’s the perfect time.  Please click here to fill out our short no-obligation quote form.  A product specialist will follow up quickly.

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