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Hosted PBX Services Improve Your Business Image

Using cloud hosted PBX services can help any SoHo or small business improves their image with clients and prospects. Cloud virtual phone systems allow you to possess fine granular control over your inbound calls, at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives. For companies that are growing, this saving of money and increase in professionalism is extremely beneficial.

Your Cloud Receptionist Can Increase Sales

Your Cloud Receptionist Can Increase Sales

At MostHost, we offer Infra Cloud Receptionist, an advanced system that helps you create perfect routing for inbound calls. Using a simple control panel, you can control where inbound calls are routed and what happens if someone isn’t there to answer. This is a big help for smaller organizations that might have employees or outsourced helpers in multiple locations. The end caller won’t notice the difference, and will be extremely impressed that they were able to get in touch with someone so quickly. Let’s face it, nobody wants to call a business and not get an answer. It feels like a waste of time. With proper routing and your virtual receptionist, you’ll never lose clients because of missed calls again.

The best part for a very small organization is you won’t be woken up by your phone ringing at 4am.  If you’re not prepared to answer the call, the rules you set will kick in.  First the receptionist might try and connect one of your workers. Failing that, a recording can be played and they can leave a message. The client will know they were handled quickly and they’ll expect a call back.  If you leave them hanging, they’ll probably just move on to greener pastures. Our solution supports ’round robin’ dialing until someone answers.

Another advantage of hosted PBX is that it allows you to use custom local phone numbers or vanity toll free numbers.  This is another feature that can help your business set itself apart from competitors. A catchy phone number can help you increase sales.  Custom local phone numbers are perfect for organizations that don’t maintain a physical presence in a certain area code, but have many clients in the area.  The client can dial a number that’s local to them and connect to you. This type of configuration feels very natural to them and most likely you’ll get more calls from the area by having a custom phone.  For the low cost of a starter plan, it’s worth finding out if a vanity or custom local number can help you make more sales.

Also included is Infratel Clickconnect.  This is a simple widget that can be pasted into your website that will allow website visitors to instantly connect to you by phone.  It saves them a step which means your call volume goes up. With increased call volume comes increased conversions!  That’s what employing your virtual receptionist is all about.  Your organization can increase sales and improve your business image while not having to maintain any equipment.  It couldn’t easier to implement or more affordable.  If you haven’t looked into hosted PBX services yet, it’s time you seriously considered the benefits.

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