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Cloud Email Hosting And SaaS Security Make Life Easier

IT people around the world are learning the advantages of implementing cloud email hosting and SaaS security. Hosting your email on the cloud has distinct advantages over traditional alternatives, especially for your IT department. Security and compliance can be achieved using SaaS in a manner that is extremely efficient. Not only that, but cloud-based solutions are also extremely flexible, allowing for customization that can help any organization reach compliance.

Cloud Hosting And SaaS Security Solutions Can Snap In To Existing Configurations

Cloud Email Security Is Powerful And Flexible

Cloud Email Security Is Powerful And Flexible

One of the strongest advantages of implementing SaaS is that ‘Software as a Service‘ solutions generally can snap-in to your existing configuration. At MostHost, we sell a complete solution of SaaS security offerings developed by our technology partner MXSweep specifically to solve complex compliance issues. One of the key advantages is that MXSweep security can work with existing configurations with a minimum of hassle. This means you can keep your existing authentication server, or Exchange Server, and still receive all of the advantages of SaaS. This comes in very handy for organizations who want to implement security solutions ‘a’la carte’. As time passes, and your organization’s needs change, our SaaS solution can change with you.

SaaS Security Is Powerful

For organizations who need to gain compliance, our SaaS security solutions comprise a powerful suite that closes the gap between security best practices and reality.  You won’t believe how easy it is to solve common problems related to laptop data, URL content filtering, and policy-based email scanning, encryption, and archiving.  Depending on your needs, you should be able to rapidly deploy a solution that will ensure your compliance.  If you’ve been held back by the idea that implementing compliance will be too complicated, I urge you to see a Demo of our solution so you can decide for yourself.

Secure Your Organization’s Email Today

With postal hubs being shuttered around the globe, the writing appears to be on the wall.  It doesn’t seem like it will be long before e-mail is more official than it’s offline counterpart. Already tons of organizations are saving money by using legally compliant email to do the ‘heavy lifting‘ for their firm’s communications.  Your organization should do the same.  With email scanning, encryption, and archiving, you can make sure all of your compliant email is completely admissible in court. Not only that, but using our policy-based email security and archiving along with event auditing and logging can help you prove compliance.

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