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Business Web Hosting Demands High-Availability Cloud Servers

High-availability business class web hosting is catching on with businesses who demand their web presence stays online at all times.  For these companies, time really is money, and they can’t afford downtime.  Downtime for websites is generally associated with a poor-performance network, which has to be avoided at all costs by serious people.

Cloud hosting benefits businesses by eliminating any single point of failure, which drastically increases uptime.  Not only that, but with a definite increase in speed, many web presences experience a surge in revenues when they step up to fast cloud hosting for businesses.  Today’s consumer is very busy and can’t be bothered to wait around for pokey websites that take all day to load!  If your business web presence loads slow, you run the risk of losing customers to clients who have made the switch to business cloud hosting.

What gives cloud hosting such a big advantage for hosting business websites?

  1. Cloud hosting is high-availability, representing very little downtime.
  2. Cloud websites can be easily upgraded and are ‘burstable.’
  3. Cloud hosted web presences load fast, which is extremely important these days as consumers demand fast load times.
  4. Cloud hosting uses automated failover to keep you online, despite obstacles.

Cloud hosting helps your business project a stable professional image.  Fast-loading cloud hosted websites tell your clients that you’re serious about your image, and their business.  

In the next several years it seems likely that the trend towards high-performance websites will grow. With so many users now accessing websites via their mobile devices, it’s imperative that the websites are optimized to load and display correctly. Cloud based websites that use a modern web presence builder are likely to dominate their rivals. Business people don’t have time to learn code or to design websites, instead they need to make sure they put up high-quality websites with tons of features.

Your business should demand cloud hosting.

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