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5 Important Reasons Your Business Needs A Website

As we mentioned recently, 54% of small businesses do not have a website.  Despite hearing about the vast potential of the internet, these business owners have decided, for one reason or another, against building a website for their business.  We think they’re missing out, for reasons we’ll outline in this post.

Establishing Your Own Business Website Is A Good Idea For These Reasons:

  • Designing and maintaining your own website helps keep your business competitive. Many of your competitors have their own websites.  If your business doesn’t, you might be at a distinct disadvantage to them.  You don’t control any of the virtual real estate about your business, meaning third party websites control the flow of information.

    Build A Great New Business Website Today

    Build A Great New Business Website Today

  • The internet is a huge market of vast potential.  Think of all the extra business you can get, just from people online.  Between search engine traffic, social media visitors, and video watchers, there are literally billions of people who can benefit from your products or services who can learn about you if you have a website.  Can you afford to ignore billions of potential clients?
  • Your business is already being spoken about online and you’re not a part of the discussion. Because you chose to forego a website, you’re no longer a part of the online dialogue about your business. People searching for your business online will discover the dialogue, but won’t hear your side of the story.  A website gives you the opportunity to tell your story.
  • Websites are a relatively inexpensive way of advertising.  Almost every small business can greatly benefit from exposure.  Websites are just another method of advertising your business. Since it doesn’t cost much to run a website, there’s really no rational reason to avoid getting one.  For a small flat-rate fee you’ll have a chance at selling a whole lot more people on your products or service.
  • You can sell things online.  You can always make some money from your website simply by selling items.  It’s easy to add an eCommerce widget to your website to increase revenues.  You can also place advertising on your website, which is one more way to monetize your traffic.
It’s never been easier to establish a new website than it is now.  At MostHost, we offer Web Presence Builder with all of our cloud hosting plans because it’s so easy to use and comes with all the features you’ll need to build a professional web presence.  Try the demo and see how easy it is to build a website from scratch.
Check out this video for an overview.




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